Structual, Electronics & Software Engineering all under the one roof

Tucana Global Group is an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). Our expertise is in All In One integrated product. Our team of Structural, Design, Electronics & Software Engineers research, develop & manufacture hi-tech product. We have serviced cross industries including, Supermarkets, Retail, Hospitality (Hotels, Resorts, Casino's, Restaurants and Bars), Commercial Buildings, Governments) through our OEM partners.

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Who we are


Energetic, Professional and REAL innovators. Tucana Global is dedicated to developing turn key solutions that bring about real improvements in operations, challenging the status quo and contributing to market leading partners successes. Tucana is in many countries and is a growing international company that understands global technology needs.

Who we are

What we do


With our partners like Intel, Kingston, ChiMei, AUO, Microsoft and Open Source and iOS we follow latest chipsets, OS's and display technologies and market trends to design product for future needs. Our key competencies are in Electronics Engineering, Touch Technology, Process Management, Manufacturing Processes, Production Management, Green Policy Contributions. This inter-linked set of disciplines work together to provide a wide range of research and analysis which contributes to successful projects.

What we do

Why we do it


We apply our expertise in ways that contribute to our partners success and enhancing the body of knowledge in Electronic Applications , for example by helping networks, advising partners on institutional development, training, and participating in Industry workshops and committees.

To achieve this we work closely with our clients. For "qualified" Clients we will engineer and produce up to the functional prototype at no cost to the client until samples are required.

Why we do it



Original Design Manufacturing
 As an ODM we design electronics.

Structural Engineering

We take account of th areas that are generally not considered by others.


Our Team consists of board level programming for On Screen Displays through to complete system applications.


(Original Equipment Manufacturer), Outsourcing, Private Labeling

Electronics Engineering

We can design what you need for ANY environment.

Assembly, Contract Manufacturing

Our China facility located in Zhuhai can produce an array of product from mobile phones to information kiosks.

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